Moviabb Srl started its activity in 1978 in Trissino (VI). The aim of the company is, since the beginning, to develop solutions in order to improve the clothing storage and handling.

For more than 40 years Moviabb Srl designs, produces and installs racks, mezzanine floors and technical solutions for the clothing industry; customizing the project case by case.

In 2004 Moviabb Srl moved to the new plant in Castelgomberto (VI) investing in new infrastructures and machinery.


For 40 years Moviabb Srl guarantees customized solutions for the vehicles setting-up for the standing transportation of clothing, warranting the completion of the staging in 1 working day for medium-small vehicle. Moviabb Srl offer a “self service” solution, providing the material and settling by your own the work.

Moviabb Srl is continuously improving and looking for new solution in order to anticipate the necessity of the customers and the market needs.

Moviabb Srl is available for free technical consultancy in order to study the perfect solution according to a specific need.

 Moviabb srl

Via della Scienza 12 – 36070 Castelgomberto (Vicenza)
Tel. 0445.962592 Fax 0445.498294
P. IVA 00641440243


In 2014 Moviabb Srl achieved a new goal improving the quality system with the CE regulation, trough the EN1090 certification for metalwork structures and products.

Moviabb srl
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